Wednesday, March 29, 2006

birthday gift for ayu


i bought her another girly accessories (hari tu maklang dah hadiahkan ayu gelang kaki) - a strass Swarovski crystal snowflake pendant with white gold plated necklace. and i bought myself a strass Swarovski crystal starfish pendant. sambil menyanyi lagu 'diriku tapak seleman' walaupun takde kena mengena. heh heh heh.

Monday, March 27, 2006 (27mths review for Adik)

Iqbal Hadi. 29dec2003
Your child is more in control of his movements. Now he can hold and play with small objects easily, and can stack and knock over towers of blocks. He can also concentrate for long periods of time. Sometimes he'll become so absorbed in his play that he'll resent your interruption. You can make transitions easier by warning him in advance, as in "you can play with the blocks for five more minutes, but then it's dinnertime." If you have a flexible schedule, you may want to give him a few warnings before you insist that he finish up his play.

adik, sorry if i am strict with you. budak sorang ni teramatlah lasak, jauh beza dengan iman at the other ends, tersangatlah manjanya. but i can see some changes in you, u love writings and colouring, so obsess with the colours that you continued colouring your hands and legs. lukis bulat-bulat. lantakla dik. you draw a big circle and add few little circles under, and claimed it's a lorry. yup, look like a cute round lorry alright. you drew an 8, and u told me it's a bowling (you got me on this. mati-mati ingatkan you already can write your numbers like iman :) u are now interest in the minute details of things. air liur masih menjejes tapi cepat jek lap dengan baju. :)
makin besar

He may be able to control his actions, but not always his emotions. At this age, he's still prone to a fair amount of pushing, shoving, yelling, and tantrums. Don't set your standards too high. You can't expect perfect behavior from him all the time, and tantrums are his way of showing you when he's so frustrated or upset he can't think straight anymore. Keep reminding him that talking gets better results than acting out — and make sure you praise him when he makes an effort to communicate with words. In the meantime, make sure you're communicating well with him too. Explain why rules are necessary. Instead of telling him that he can't run out into the street without holding onto a grown-up's hand, talk about why it's not safe so he understands the thinking behind your admonitions.

ah, the teribble two, whatever it's called. i don't want to start on this. it's not a pretty picture. i hate to be hard on him or iman or ayu. but they have to learn that there's a line between right and wrong. no means no. nak mengamuk ke, nak menjerit ke, nak menangis terguling-guling ke, tak kose ommi nak layan. but Thank God, this phase is finally over (tinggal ayu pulak lepas ni). adik dah pandai cakap - constructing simple two-words sentences. walaupun banyak ayat dia yang copy-paste daripada iman (iman, saya! (?)). senang sikit nak faham apa yang dia nak sebenarnya (sometimes but not always. i'm such a lousy mother. kalau buat perangai tak pasal-pasal without valid reasons, i easily give up and lost temper).

frankly, adik is harder to persuade than iman. it needs a long pujuk and reasoning why is this and why is that. mujur abang iman pon tolong sama setting the good examples like pimpin tangan kalau keluar rumah, basuh tangan macam mana, mandi, gosok gigi, lap badan dan pakai baju - or else, these simple routines will make difficult by adik's playful nature. jenis tak reti duduk diam, enjoys being chased around the house. nasib baik rumah kecik. kalau rumah 50x80 sure ommi dah kurus. heh heh.

big boy

Friday, March 24, 2006

mystique morning

[iman in the morning]

"ommi nak pegi kerja ke?" iman asked. "hmm" i answered sambil buat donno. "ommi tak payah bawak iman tau!" iman geleng kepala and did the 'no' gesture with his hand. aikkk??? amboi mamat ni, perasan sungguh! bila kala pulak kita ajak dia.

[Segala pujian bagiNya]

pagi tadi lalu kat area mardi, from cyberjaya to kajang stretch. nyaman giler. the misty morning and drizzling rain. the grazing fields. the horses. the greens. bukit bukau berbalam-balam. kabus menyelubungi suasana. ceewah! but really, we have to learn how to stop and smell the roses, don't we? kalau tak hujan pun kawasan ni memang cantik. dengan mentari pagi memancar, menyinari alam. mujur tanah tu reservered for mardi. kalau tak, memang sah-sah la tanah tu ditarah untuk buat rumah, habih hilang segala kehijauan.

oh, but this morning. suasana tu rasa macam familiar jek. the feeling was so close to me. ah.. teringat-ingat pula kat kampung glasgow. memang glasgow selalu macam ni, mendung, misty, hujan renyai. kalau tetiba tak hujan, rasa pelik jek. heh heh.

Higher Ground - Ub40
lagu tahun '93. i like this song instantly walaupun jarang dengar. semalam keluar kat radio la pulak. excited punya pasal, nak jugak letak kat blog. lagu ni catchy sebab dia nyanyi macam suka hati dia je nak nyanyi.

Every hour of every day I'm learning more
The more I learn, the less I know about before
The less I know, the more I want to look around
Digging deep for clues on higher ground

Moon and stars sit way up high
Earth and trees beneath them lie
The wind blows fragrant lullaby
To cool the night for you and i

On the wing the birds fly free
Leviathan tames angry sea
The flower waits for honeybee
The sunrise wakes new life in me.

And every hour of every day I'm learning more
The more I learn, the less I know about before
The less I know, the more I want to look around
Digging deep for clues on higher ground

The fishes swim while rivers run
Thru fields to feast my eyes upon
Intoxicated drinking from
The loving cup of burning sun

In dreams I'll crave familiar taste
Of whispered rain on weary face
Of kisses sweet and warm embrace
Another time another place

And every hour of everyday I'm learning more
The more I learn, the less I know about before
The less I know, the more I want to look around
Digging deep for clues on higher ground

Thursday, March 23, 2006 (12months review for Ayu)

Ayu Humairah. 12mac2005
Happy birthday, baby! Believe it or not, your first year is over. The boot camp of babyhood is behind you. Hold on for the toddler years! In the coming months, your child will seek more independence, discover the world from an upright position, find her sense of humor, and learn to say she loves you.

yup, ayu dah pandai initiates main cak-cak, buat kelakar dan kiss orang (kiss dia macam nak telan orang - nganga mulut besar to plant her kiss. habih satu muka orang kena air liur dia :)
big girl
How your life is changing: Your child is beginning to discover her independence, but she probably still has bouts of separation anxiety. This is natural. To ease departures, ask your sitter to arrive early to allow time for your baby to adjust. Then be matter-of-fact when you leave. Don't sneak away or prolong the agony with extended good-byes; make it quick, with just one kiss. Your baby's tears will subside soon after you're out of sight. It's hard not to feel guilty, but you can help your child feel more independent by not hovering over her all the time.

ayu, my little sweet baby girl. at first, i'm so worried that u'll attached to the maid more than to me. sapa yang tak risau, ye tak? but the day u cried for me while in bibik's arms, really made my worries washed away. lepas tu langsung taknak lepas, asyik nak minta dukung jek. i just glad that you welcome me home everyday with your 'buat-buat' whining, jumping up & down minta diambil. you are so cute when you smile and do the nose thing with your pouting lips. Memula dulu, si ayu ni punyalah takut kat orang, nangis tak berenti, and made everybody so worried and annoyed (sampai bingit telinga!), but now your lighter side has shown, you are so ready to smile, so ready to laugh (cute!).

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

move those mucles

ni si nurul la yang beria-ia ajak pegi jazzercise. RM50 per month for four sessions. i went for my first class last night. well, what do you know. i never thought group exercise will be so much fun. after seeing (not doing) a lot of aerobik tapes and taibo (sekali je buat beria, lepas tu dah tak buat dah), i imagined my muslces will hurt like hell and i'll gasping for air. but not this one. that's why i love it instantly and can't wait for next monday for my second class!

i hate harsh exercises. it'll make u 'tobat nak buat lagi' only after a single session. but i can tell this one is different. it makes u sweat and move all those mucsles from head to toes and ur heart beats faster and minus the cramps.

oh, did i tell u that this is ladies-only class? anybody wanna join me?

Friday, March 17, 2006

many faces

klik sini untuk gambar besar

semalam cuba nak letak gambar ni, tapi tak dapat. mungkin server blog ni sesak agaknya. but here it is. a compilation of pictures in the past few weeks. ada gambar kat airport, melaka, kampung padang lebar dan puchong.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

happy first birthday to ayu

ayu celebrated her first birthday last sunday at tangkak. tapi, majlis makan-makan dibuat pada hari sabtu, one day earlier. seems that everybody back in tangkak were too excited craving for a great party bash. lagipun, musim cuti sekolah, kebetulan semua balik kampung... meriah sungguh! too bad ommi & abah couldn't join the fun, we were stucked here in puchong, hoping that the maid will arrived at KLIA safely as planned.

Ayu dah dapat kaki, mula menapak selangkah dua hari sabtu lepas - everybody went wild - maklang dok telefon melaporkan berita terkini, mengalahkan reporter bernama pulak. kelakar diorang ni.

Ayu, happy first birthday! wishing you all the happiness in the world :)

song dedication: Teman Tapi Mesra (RATU)
p/s: lagu ni takde kena mengena dengan birthday ayu, but this song is so hot right now, sampai terngiang-ngiang dalam kepala. abah la yang mula asyik menyanyi-nyanyi lagu ni sampai berjangkit pulak kat ommi.

Aku punya teman (ah ah ah)
teman sepermainan (ah ah ah)
kemana ada dia selalu ada aku

Dia amat manis (ah ah ah)
juga baik hati (ah ah ah)
dia selalu ada
waktu untuk membantuku

Namun aku bingung (oo.. wa wa wa)
ketika dia bilang cinta (oo.. wa wa wa)
dan dia juga katakan
tuk ingin jadi kekasihku

cukuplah saja berteman denganku (pa pa pa)
janganlah kau meminta lebih (pa pa pa)
ku tak mungkin mencintaimu
kita berteman saja
teman tapi mesra

Aku memang suka pada dirimu (pa pa pa)
namun aku ada yg punya (pa pa pa)
lebih baik kita berteman
kita berteman saja
teman tapi mesra

p/s: ha.. betul tak?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

tagged by noral

yey! akhirnya berjaya siapkan tag ini... nasib baik takde expiry date..

[4 jobs i have in my life]
jadi cikgu tuisyen math form4 kepada anak jiran belakang rumah
research asssitant masa kat univ. dulu - tolong sorang postgrad carik bahan pasal economy... mengantuk giler!!
keje sekarang dengan company sekarang....

[4 movies i can watch over & over]
the others - twisted ending - kena tengok sendiri baru tahu..
the emperor's new groove - tabik spring sama itu villain's sidekick yang pandai bercakap dengan tupai..
labu & labi
semua filem lakonan p.ramlee yang kelakar2

[4 shows i love to watch]
everybody loves raymond
kumars at no.42
macam-macam aznil

[4 places i've lived]

[4 places i've been on vacation]
part of europe
kota kinabalu :)
fraser hill
cameron hiland

[4 of my favourite food]
mee rebus
laksa/soto johor
roti jala
roti canai yang garing dan kuah dal pekat dengan sambal manis pedas

[4 websites i visit daily]
forum gossip kat
hubby's blog
blog kengkawan di kala kebosanan

[4 victims to do this tag]
nanti aa.. nak pi carik mangsa dulu.